One Person Company in Chennai

What is OPC?

OPC provides a biggest opportunity to the people who aspire to start their own ventures with a well organised business. OPC can provide the young businessperson all the benefits of a private company, that unconditionally suggests that they're going to have legal protection for a business, can access to credit and promote, limited liability and the loans from the etc. all can achieve by the name of separate legal entity..

OPC will be defined as only one person can start a company by being a shareholder or a director. It provides a full control to the single person and at the same time the biggest advantage is the limited liability.

Objectives of OPC:

The objective behind the concept of OPC is to provide the legal regime to the sole proprietors, small businesspersons by giving an opportunity to run a business with a limited liability and develop the growth of Indian economy as like the well developed foreign countries. This was introduced in the company act of 2013.

As per the companies act of 1956, it was only the private company can run by only 2 persons. But the enforcement of companies’ act 2013, we came to know the much easier concept which is one person can establish a company with all the advantages.

Why We Need OPC

  • Limited Liability
    One Person Company Registration Chennai Solubilis

    OPC performs as like a private company as already mentioned. The liability will be limited as per the shares, the shareholder invested.

  • Separate property:
    One Person Company Registration Chennai Solubilis

    Here again, since an organization features a legal entity as separate, it could be capable of enjoying, owning and taking away the assets or property as the firm desires.

  • Transferability of shares:
    One Person Company Registration Chennai Solubilis

    The question of transferring some of the shares will not arise since it’s a one person firm.

  • Perpetual succession:
    One Person Company Registration Chennai Solubilis

    The Director who owns a company should nominate the member as his successor if unfortunately anything happens to him. .

One Person Company Registration

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One Person Company Registration Chennai Solubilis